Pediatric Neuroscience Conference 2022 – A Focus on Treatable Neurologic Disorders

Sidra Medicine is excited to announce that its annual flagship conference, Sidra’s Second Pediatric Neuroscience Conference. This virtual meeting is scheduled to take place from September 29 – October 1, 2022.

This year’s conference will focus on treatable neurological disorders and will feature renowned experts from Europe, North America and the MENA region. Through a virtual format, local and international neuroscience experts will gather to advance understanding of the epidemiology and mechanisms of neurological diseases, focusing on treatable neurological and neurosurgical disorders. The program will include a variety of lectures that will cover recent advances in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions that have helped improve the health outcomes of children living with chronic neurological and neurosurgical diseases. This year's event will be particularly significant as we partner with the Society for Research into Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida (SRHSB).

If you are interested in learning more about new cutting-edge therapeutic interventions in neuroscience, from in utero neurosurgical interventions to gene therapy and precision medicine, then mark your calendar to attend the Pediatric Neuroscience Conference 2022!

Registrant Rules:

Registration is open to all interested delegates who can register under the following categories:


Early Bird Rates

August 3rd -August 30th , 2022

Late Registration Rates

September 1st – 28th, 2022


50 QAR

100 QAR

Allied Health

100 QAR

150 QAR


100 QAR

150 QAR


100 QAR

150 QAR

100 QAR   Package Amount  




Disclaimer:  Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) has the full right to revoke CME/CMP credits if they deemed this to be outside your scope of work.

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